Our Story:
Sacred Sprouts was created by my mother and I, we opened up shop in February of 2015. My daughter was born in August of 2014, and we began our cloth diaper journey from there.

After months of searching we couldn’t find a mainstream diaper that suited our needs for absorbency, cute prints, and that perfect fit. We then concluded that we could just sew our own, after all we have both been sewing since we were little sprouts! So the two amazing seamstresses we are, we set off on our diaper making journey!

There are so many cloth diaper makers out there, and at Sacred Sprouts we like to know what sets us apart from the others. Functionality, cheerful prints, and happy baby bums are what we’re all about!! We at Sacred Sprouts are proud seamstresses of the Opulent Monsters Magnum Opus pattern.

High Quality WAHM made items by Mom and Daughter in Tucson, Arizona. Custom Clothing. Cloth Diapers. Baby Wearing Accessories. High End Diaper Bags. 

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